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How does the ranking work?

What is the Ranking? The AVG Ranking is the official leader board for all golfers connected to the WAMP app into our private league. The Ranking is the place to see your stats and compare your Rank to the Ranks of other Members all over.To participate, play single or double matches against your friends or rivals, and become the number one player of AVG. The more the play, the higher the chance you’ll end up on one of the top spots of the leaderboard.

How does the scoring system work?

Every player starts with 100 points right off the bat.

The amount of points you get after playing a game depends on your result and the type of game you’ve played. Below, you’ll find a list indicating the amount of points you’ll get based on the result and type of game.

For every game you win (single or 4BBB), you’ll get 50 points.

For a draw, 25 points.

And if you lose, you’ll still get 10 points.

But for every week you don’t play a match, you’ll lose 1 point, so remember to keep playing!

Serial Winners

AVG players who win multiple matches in a row without losing or squaring, will be awarded with special badges in the app. We have four different badges:

1. The Bronze badge (win 5 games in a row)
2. The Silver badge (win 7 games in a row)
3. The Golden Badge (win 10 times in a row)
4. The Diamond Badge (win 15 times in a row)

There are two ways in which you can lose your status:

1. You don’t play a match for an entire month
2. You lose three matches in a row

For example, if you have the Golden badge and you lose three games in a row, you’ll drop down to the Silver status. If you have the Bronze badge, you’ll lose your badge entirely.

These badges will also be shown next to your profile picture in the app, on the online leaderboard and on your personal profile on the app.

Fair Play

To receive a badge, you’ll have to win a set amount of games in a row. Drawing or losing a game will reset your winning streak back to 0.
Matches need to be verified by a registered WAMP App user before points are allocated.
Single matches played against a guest who doesn’t have a WAMP account do not count towards the ranking and badges.
Double matches with one guest per team do count towards the Ranking and badges. If there are more guests, you won’t receive points.

Beating a Serial Winner

Winning a match against a Serial Winner will result in extra points for you. So don’t be afraid to take on one of the best, everybody loves a good underdog story. (So be the David to take on Goliath.) See the table below for point allocation:

Member Ranking Points

You only receive points within the AVG Tour Private Ranking for playing other AVG Members.

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